It’s Not Just Domestic Violence: The Beginner’s Guide to 16 Types of Violence Against Women




“Violence against women and girls is a problem of pandemic proportions” – United Nations Development Fund for Women

Courtesy and copyright of Jillian Edelstein (

There are many reasons why Violence Against Women is possibly the most widespread and intractable human rights violations in human history: It is embedded in social structures; It is part of cultural customs; It is due to gender inequality; It is due to gender-based economic inequality; It is due to patriarchal strictures… the list of factors goes on and on and many have expounded on it.

Yet even while it is so entrenched an issue, many people have problems recognising gender-based violence even when they are come face-to-face with it simply because:

  • It has become normalised or institutionalised as part of cultural practices; or
  • It has become so taboo that it is glossed over as a non-issue or swept under a rug too…

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